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At Socks-So-Sweet!, a brand new startup here in New York City, we want your socks not only to serve as a canvas to express your penchant for color and creativity, but also as a source of support to your lifestyle choices and those of others around you.We want you to feel comfortable pulling up your pants and showing off your socks allthe way up to the knee.

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Accordingly, we endeavor to bring you super versatile, comfortable, durable and beautifully designed socks in an unending combination of colors grounded in nature, inspired by fruits and vegetables from around the world….while reminding you to eat more fruits and vegetables, get hydrated and start dreaming about or planning your next vacation to an exotic region of the world.

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  • Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.
  • Eating a diet rich in some vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancers

Have you ever worried the colors in the socks on offer might not actually ‘go together’? Well, worry no more! Socks-So-Sweet!, inspired by the myriad of delicious, exotic and mesmerizing fruits and vegetables of the world, brings nature’s superior grasp of color combination right to your feet. No more do you need to worry whether the ‘colors go together’ because Mother Nature has longed since ordained that they do. And we’ve taken the hint and created well over a thousand designs by hand just to start!

Here in New York, The Big Apple, each design is inspired both by the colors of the skin and flesh of a vegetable or fruit to create a signature, eye-catching pair of socks aligned with nature.


With every peek at your socks, whether they’re on your feet, in your drawers, sitting in the hamper, spinning in the washing machine, you’re reminded too to grab another piece of fruit or serving of vegetables that as we know are fortified with vitamins and minerals and consist almost entirely of water. And not to be undone, you’ll be transported to some exotic locale where these fruits and vegetables are regularly consumed.

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As with any fruit or vegetable, most of the substance rests on the inside, and it’s no different with our socks. Our goal is to maximize wicking, padding, size, fit and of course, color! Whereas moisture retention is critical to fruits and vegetables, it’s a killer for socks. Our socks will wick as much moisture as possible away from you feet. Padding will cushion your feet from impact with the ground and prevent the skin from rubbing against the inside of your shoes. A loose fit is untidy and can cause blisters.

Accordingly, we will choose primarily natural materials, woven with wicking material to keep your feet dry, as well as elasticized material to keep your socks up and in place.

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Here is a mere sample of well over 1000 hand-made designs in our database, that are now available on PRE-ORDER. Each design is accompanied by two solids :
















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